Saturday, April 20, 2019

Anti-venom Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Anti-malice - Essay Example glide venom consists of more than 50 enzymes and peptides with digestive and neurotoxic properties. Therefore, the toxicity of venom is dependent on the fictional char dallyer of snake and enumerate of venom injected. For this reason, an antivenom will be prescribed to an individual depending on the nature of snakebite and amount of venom injected in a person.According to PBS (2013), anti-venom is produced by injecting a small amount of venom in an animal such as horse, sheep, rabbit, or goat. These animals are immune to venom, therefore, will produce specialize antibodies to counteract the effects of poisonous proteins in venom. When scientists collect these specialized antibodies from the animals, they help in the development of anti-venoms. Thus, anti-venoms act by fighting the venomous proteins in venom, using the antibodies, which is their main ingredient. The anti-venom also prevents the venom from circulating to variant parts of the body and thr ough the bloodstream. This way, the anti-venom neutralizes the activity of venoms and prevents any further health complications or death of the impact

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