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Organisational Insights Analytical Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Organisational Insights Analytical - Essay Example nies play at different markets and engage in different industries, they are of equal scale in terms of organisational structure and number of employees. Comparing and contrasting both companies with respect to their individual industries will provide significant insights on the nature of organisations, in general. Strong Market Position in Scarborough – The company has a strong retail brand that built a reputation for selling quality goods at bargain price (Boyes, 2006). Boyes’ strong market position in Scarborough enhances the customer perception, company reputation, provides economies of scale and presents a platform to launch new products. It also enhances the brand image of the company. Strong market position enables the company to penetrate the market more effectively and serve a wide range of customers. (Best R. J., 1997) Balanced Product Mix – Boyes, Scarborough is engaged in operating a chain of department stores. The company’s key products include apparels, accessories, confectionery, cosmetics, electrical appliances, furniture, gifts, groceries, house wares, home decorative, stationery and toys. They sell virtually everything for the home and family (Boyes, 2006). A balanced product mix coupled with friendly and helpful services allowed Boyes to serve multiple customer segments which heighten its revenue growth. It provides greater choice to customers and encourages customer loyalty. (Best R. J., 1997) High dependence on Scarborough – Boyes is heavily dependent on the Scarborough market. Concentration of operations in the Scarborough area makes the company vulnerable to market conditions and environmental instability in this area. It puts the company in a competitive disadvantage relative to rivals and competitors with larger presence in different market geographical areas (Porter, 1985). As a business based largely in UK, Boyes is particularly exposed to any economic downturn which affects customer spending. Expanding product

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