Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Community Sports Projects and Effective Community Empowerment Essay

Community Sports Projects and Effective Community Empowerment - Essay Example Additionally, an action research approach was used in this research revealing the insights into the effective community empowerment that was attributed to sports projects that were introduced in the community by the Rochdale federation. The use of these two approaches created a great advantage for the study (Partington & Totten, 2012). This is because it allowed the researchers to collect insightful and rich data, as well as, empower the tenants from social housing estate about having their thoughts and opinions, as well as, experiences in relation to RCS acted upon in their decision.   The collection tools used in this research include participant observation and in-depth interviews in the community. These data collection methods allowed the triangulation of data, as well as, crosschecking of the existence of common phenomena and theory across all research methods. In terms of data, the researchers collected both primary and secondary data, which was used to create results, and findings that help conclude on the relevance of sports in Rochdale community. The participants in the research were the tenants and residents of the Rochdale Federation of the Tenants and Residents Association. There were was no specific number of the participants as the researcher used participant observation and interviews to carry out the research. Therefore, there were no inclusion or exclusion criteria used in sampling, as the method used for sampling was random to ensure that there was no bias in the selection of the participants.   The research findings established that that engaging community in sports empowered them through citizen participation (Partington & Totten, 2012). The research further established that the tenants endorsed the sports approach as they felt consulted and involved in the decision making the process that allowed them to access support.  

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