Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Discussion and Analysis of Russia versus Europe within the Realm of Essay

A Discussion and Analysis of Russia versus Europe within the Realm of global Politics - Essay ExampleHowever, the Russian Federation, the dominant neighbor in the north, insists upon the fact that Ukraine should reject this proposition of European integration and pursue a path of Eurasian partnership, in tandem with Russia and several otherwise former Soviet bloc countries. In defining the moorage, the author focuses upon the fact that the Russian Federation, led by Vladimir Putin, is playing a very aggressive and mean-spirited game of realpolitik, one that ultimately places the Russian Federation at odds with the remainder of the world. The first level of discussion that the author engages is the fact that the Russian Federation has recently captured the attention of the world not with respect to any positive news rather, they had captured the attention of the world with sham to the mistreatment, ridicule, and illegality of homosexuality that has been propagated throughout the media and public domain within the Russian Federation for the past several months. In tandem with this, the author also discusses the increasingly authoritarian style and the Russian Orthodox Church, as easily as key industries and state owned enterprises that able to influence the population within the Russian Federation. Moreover, a discussion of the heavy-handed anti-western tactics related to the route in which state media represents the West within the Russian Federation is also covered. In short, something of a psychoanalysis of the leader Vladimir Putin himself is engaged as a factor of helping the reader to understand a very warped and misaligned worldview that is engaged currently with respect to the port in which international politics is practiced within the Russian Federation, and via the vehicles of policy development that Vladimir Putin personally encourages. Ultimately, what screwing be understood from the perspective of international politics is a situation as old as state interaction itself. Ultimately, the Russian Federation, arguably one of the pain superpowers within the world, is seeking a way in which it can leverage former colonies, territories, and compliments of the Empire to integrate with its needs rather than pursuance a path of further integration and divorce from the Russian Federation towards the European Union. As a knead of such reality, something of a frantic and frenetic response has been engaged whereby the Russian Federation is unbidden and able to actively meddle in the internal affairs of its neighbors as a centre of poignant these goals. Further, it can be also be deduced that the actions of the Russian Federation over the past several months and days cannot and should not be seen as somehow unique (Keller 1). Rather, other powers, including the United States, had acted in a comparable fashion by utilizing any and all mechanisms and power at their means as a function of convincing, co-opting, and coercing in dividual states and groups of states to integrate with them in a particular manner. However, what is unique about the Russian Federation and the situation that is thus far been defined is that Vladimir Putin is willing to go so far in casting the derived function between the West and the Russian Federation that impinging upon the human rights of homosexuals and promoting conspiracy theories as a means of defining and describing the world has not only come to be utilized rather, it is come to be something of a modus

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