Saturday, October 5, 2019

Wilson and Lenin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Wilson and Lenin - Essay Example After the world war, the world saw two great leaders trying to develop international peace. Wilson and Lenin however were very different in their ideologies. As opposed to Wilson who advocated disarmament in his fourteen points, Lenin did not believe â€Å"Disarmament’ could help in avoiding wars; he considered it as a means of evading reality (Lenin). Lenin proposed that the way to achieve world peace was through a global revolution and interference in the workings of the capitalistic states which would not only put an end to their governments but also their societies and this could not be achieved if the disarmament policy is followed (Mayer). He believed that if a revolution does not prevent a war, the proletariats should use the defeat of their own governments to create revolutionary reforms. Lenin believed only in the existence of a proletariat armed force and not the bourgeois army. Hence the most prominent difference between Wilson and Lenin was one of reform against r evolution. Lenin wanted to bring about reforms through revolution while Wilson wanted a ‘revolution’ through reforms (Schild).

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