Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Boundaries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Boundaries - Essay Example In other wise we compartmentalize too much so that our professional lives cause damages to our private lives. This paper analyses the necessities of achieving work-life balancing. Manpower shortage, especially skilled manpower shortage is one of the major problems, in European and American countries. Volume of work and manpower shortages is increasing day by day which force organizations in these countries to ask their existing employees to stay back for overtime on a regular basis. For example, nursing professionals in these countries forced to work even up to 16 hours per day because of the shortage of nursing professional in these countries. Many of the IT organizations in these countries are outsourcing their jobs to countries like India and China in order to tackle the manpower shortage problems. Globally, the regular working hours of an employee is fixed to eight hours per day because of the necessities of ample rest a person needs before starting another day in the office. An employee needs to maintain his physical and mental health for delivering his maximum productivity. However, organizations of the modern era are forgetting about it and asking their employees to work overtime on a regular basis which is creating problems in their personal life. The overload of work often forces the employee to forget his family commitments and family problems may start to develop in his life. â€Å"Workers in poorer quality jobs (with poor job security, work overload, low levels of time and task autonomy, low flexibility and low job satisfaction) have worse work-life interference than those in better quality jobs† (Pocock et al p.7). Former French president Jacques Chirac also expressed similar concerns. In his opinion, â€Å"poor work-life balance arises from long and intense working hours may enhance the productivity of the organizations; however, better productivity should not come at the expense of the quality of life and social cohesion† (Bloom et al,2006, p.5). (Bloom et al, p.5). Man is a social animals rather than a machine. Moreover, he has emotions, feelings and thoughts which segregate him from other objects in this world. He is working for living, not living for working. But many of the organizations perceive the employees just like machines. Machines do not need rest or break until it damages. It is impossible for a person to work in that manner because of the non-mechanistic components present in him. Johnson (2008) also expressed similar concerns. In his opinion, â€Å"Extended working hours and more than required time spent at work place paves way for health complaints and too much of stress that can lead to injuries like an accident when driving†(Johnson). It is difficult for a worker to concentrate on a particular topic more than certain time period. Body and mind should cooperate properly to fix the attention of a person on a particular topic for longer period. Both body and mind needs periodical relaxati on or rest in order to function properly. Long working hours will destroy both body and mind which may reflect in the personal and professional life of a person if he forced to work longer periods continuously. â€Å"Heart diseases, fatigue, stress, depression, chronic infections, diabetes, back aches, general health complaints and death are some of the grievances one has to face while working late and for long† (Johnson) The morality of asking employees to work for

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